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Why I use GPS Collars on my clients

Why did I choose to use GPS collars? The answer is simple. Peace of mind and responsibility.

My clients have placed their furry family member in my care and I take that responsibility incredibly seriously. They were a substantial investment in my business but one I wouldn't hesitate to make again. Knowing which direction a dog may have gone on walkabout, whether to go for a swamp dive, dead animal investigation or in the worst case, a frightened dog bolting off. The collars allow me to make the best decisions in critical moments and not spend hours searching in the wrong areas. There is no worse feeling in the world than when a dog gets lost. It's worse when that dog isn't yours and someone has placed their trust in you to care for their dog. Using GPS collars on my clients means the likely hood of having to deal with a situation like that much much lower. And if I never have to make that call to an owner, then they are worth every single penny! When you chose your dog walker, ask if they have GPS collars ( and which ones they use). If they poo poo them ask yourself why? Why aren't they taking their business and your dogs care as seriously as possible. It may very well be that they are saving up for them. They are a significant investment. If they think they don't need them because they never have before...that's something to consider. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't means it won't....When I hire a dog walker for my own dogs, they either have to have their own GPS collars or use mine. My dogs will never be in someone else's care without them! To me the risk just isn't worth it.

I have been using Garmin Astro GPS collars on my clients dogs for over 5 years now. There are literally dozens of cheaper options out the there but after much research and reading reviews I chose to go with Garmin. They don't require a cell signal or a monthly fee. Yes, the cost is substantially higher than the others but in my experience they have been worth every penny! They are accurate up to 9 miles ( as long as your not in a deep valley) They are incredible reliable, waterproof and sturdy. My collars take a daily beating and have yet to let me down. I check my collars accuracy regularly and send them for maintenance/replacement as needed. To me they are an invaluable asset t my business. One I couldn't imagine being without!

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