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Our Clients love us!


Kelly H

Our dog Mila has been hiking with Shannon since she came home as a puppy. Mila has tons of energy and her daily hike is exactly what she needs to burn it off, and it makes us happy knowing she's out having fun instead of cooped up all day inside while we are at work. It's a great alternative to her being crated all day. My husband is in the military and often deployed, so it's nice having a second hand to help when I have to work late or have other engagements that keep me away from home longer than I'd like. The pictures Shannon takes and posts to Facebook on a regular basis are also a lovely touch so that my husband can see Mila on her daily adventures. It's nice to have that little touch of home. We love knowing that Mila is in great hands and that Shannon cares for her as if she was one of her own. We definitely find great value in the services that Shannon provides. We recommend her to anyone who has a dog!

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