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My 2019 Yearly Pet Insurance review.

Today I get to play my favorite game! It's called lets see how much Trupanion pet insurance saved me for the year.

Jet aka (giant bowl of lemons, it's a good thing your so handsome) Monthly Trupanion premium is $130.56 *12=1566.72. His total claims for 2019 $12,597.49. Trupanion covered $9870.73. I was out of pocket $2726.76. So Trupanion still ended up saving me $8304.01!

If I were someone who thought putting aside money monthly would be better I would be setting aside over $1100 a month just for Jet alone.....

Casey Monthly premium $84.02*12=$1008.24 Total of her claims for 2019 $3589.50 Trupanion covered $2117.73 I saved over $1100 If I set aside money monthly for her it would be $300 per month

Maddy made Trupanion a bit of money this year, but I figure 2/3 ain't bad! And it's nice to have one healthy dog lol.

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