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Shannon Hellyer Gibson

Owner, Pack Leader, Trainer

With over 25 years of dog handling experience, Shannon believes in building a strong relationship with your dog to have a true partnership. Dog training isn't just about obedience or rules. Although you do definitely need to have those! It's about respecting each other as individuals and bringing the best out in your dog. A solid relationship with your dog will help you excel in having a well mannered, eager and willing partner in your life! 

Shannon is constantly partaking in a variety of dog sports and courses in order to further her knowledge and her quest to become a true dog nerd! She has titles in Competition Obedience, Rally Obedience, Trick Dog, Scent work and Barn Hunt.

Shannon bio

Pam Koiner
Scent work Trainer

Pam has had a lifelong love and respect for dogs, owning breeds ranging from Fox Terriers to wolf hybrids. Her current breed, Australian Cattle Dogs, got her involved in competitive dog sports for 12 years. First, agility, where she was far outclassed and outrun by her fast and brilliant partner. She hobbled her way to their Advanced Agility Dog of Canada ranking. Bad knees led her to the fairly new sport of canine scent detection. She trained with a great instructor and began competing in 2018.

​Just recently, Pam ‘semi-retired’ 12 year old Arkasha as the most titled ACD on the Sporting Detection Dog registry, having earned his CH, MACH, GA-CH and having competed at the inaugural National Challenge Cup in Milton, ON. She is currently focused on competing with her younger dog, Zzzeplin. For the past 2 years Pam has been training and coaching competitive teams of all levels, and continually pursues her passion for scent detection by attending seminars, taking webinars, competing, and hosting SDDA trials.

Barb Wright
Trick Trainer

“Barb believes that trick classes are incredibly beneficial for creating a strong bond between a dog and its owner.  Besides having some great tricks to show off for the neighbours, trick classes can introduce basic elements of many other dog sports and can help fill the need your dog has for mental stimulation. Tricks can be modified for elderly or disabled dogs as well as handlers with limitations.  Barb has worked with dogs from Parson Russell Terriers to Bernese Mountain Dogs and loves training her own Shetland Sheepdog and Miniature Australian Shepherd, with both dogs achieving Champion Trick Dog titles. She also dabbles in agility, scent detection and rally obedience with her dogs.   Barb has been a certified trick dog instructor since 2017 and is also an accredited dog trainer through the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.“

Barb Wright
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