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Dog Sport Training Classes

Are you looking for something more than just regular obedience training with your dog?

Through relationship building and dog sport classes we help you create the team you want.

Group Classes held in Brentwood Bay. Outdoor Classes held in the Highlands.

WSPS Rally Obed

Novice Rally Obedience

Monday Jan 8th 6pm

Brentwood Bay

This course will introduce you to the Novice level of Rally Obedience. Rally obedience are exercises performed in an obstacle style sequence format.  This course will review the foundations of Rally Heelwork, Front, Finishes as well as the Novice Rally stations. By the end of this course your relationship with your dog will be well on its way to becoming a true partnership! Dogs must have a solid understanding of heel position on the handlers left side as well as know fronts, finishes and staionary positions. Weekly online videos are available to study in between classes.  Intermediate and Advanced Rally classes are available as well Suitable for dogs 8months and up 4 Week Set of Group Classes $175 + GST Classes are approx. 50min Class taught by Shannon Hellyer Gibson

WSPS Scent work

Scent Work


Brentwood Bay

Sniffing is one of the most natural and rewarding behaviors for dogs. Professional and competitive scent detection uses the dog’s incredible olfactory abilities and love of hunting while building a partnership based on trust and communication.  In this set of classes, you and your dog will learn to search for the 3 essential oils used in competition. We will build your dog’s ‘odor obedience’, your understanding of ‘in odor behavior’, your ability to ‘read your dog’, your knowledge of how odour interacts with the environment, and how to handle odour and set simple hides. Suitable for dogs 6month and up. ​​​6 Week Set of Group Classes $260 (includes starter odour kit) Classes are approx. 60 to 75min. Class taught by Pam Koiner of Nosydogz ​ ​

WSPS Trick

Trick Dog

   Friday Feb 9th 

Brentwood bay

Looking for something to do with your dog during those long wet winter days we are famous for? Are they finding creative ways to let you know that they are BORED? Join our Trick Dog Class! In this class you will learn through luring, timing and motivation how to teach your dog Novice Level Tricks. Learn tricks such as Hoop jump, Crawl, Spin/Twist, Peekaboo, Bow, Wipe your paws Wobble board, Backup, Wave and many more. Dogs may be eligible to obtain Novice Trick Dog Title! Suitable for dogs 5months and up.   6 Week Set of Group Classes $260 + GST Classes are approx. 50min Classes taught by Barbara Wright

Comp Obedience

Private Sessions

Held in the West Shore

Private lessons are available to help you with Basic Obedience training. Recall, Politely walking on leash, basic manners etc. We do not offer training for agresssion or severe reactivity. Private lessons meet in the West Shore area $115/hr

Private sessions

$115/hr Available Weekday afternoons in the West Shore

What Clients Say

In just one consultation, Shannon helped me better communicate with my dog, and gave me lots of tips that help to increase his focus and listening skills every day. We are currently in her beginners obedience rally class and loving it! 10/10 would recommend!

Brittney M

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