West Shore Pet Service Legal Contract

 For the purposes of this document, the terms Client, Owner, Pet Owner, and Customer are synonymous with the person contracting  services for one or more domestic animals.

  1. Payment in full is due upon invoicing .Clients who schedule regular daily/weekly walks are invoiced on the 30th of each month. Training fees are due upon invoicing.

  2. I understand that any class fees are non refundable. Class fees may be transferred to a future class provided at least 7 days notice of withdrawal is given before the start date of your class. 24hrs cancellation notice is required for private lessons or the full amount will  be charged. To cancel or reschedule a class or private training session please contact us via email info@westshorepetservice.ca

  3. Unpaid service may be canceled without notice, including prior to or during the service period by West Shore Pet Service

  4. 24hrs cancellation notice is required for all walking services or the full amount will be charged

  5. West Shore Pet service is not responsible for damage to the home beyond the control of the Dog Walker/Trainer.  This includes, but is not limited to leaks, electrical problems, and acts of nature.  In these situations, the company will attempt to contact the customer and then the emergency contact before making a subjective decision on dealing with the problem.  All repairs and related fees (including Special Service emergency service time and coordination fees) will be paid by the client, or fully reimbursed to West Shore Pet service upon invoicing

  6. I agree that I have hired West Shore Pet Service, as dog professionals, to help me train or walk my dog. I understand that I will obtain the best training results by following the instructions of West Shore Pet Service. I further understand that I am solely responsible for the training of my dog

  7. I certify that my dog is in good health, is free from fleas, ticks, heartworms and all other parasites, and has received all required vaccinations determined to be required by my veterinarian. I agree to report to West Shore Pet Service any signs of illness or infection in my dog.

  8. West Shore Pet Service strives to keep a clean and sanitary environment. I understand that even in the cleanest environments, infections, diseases, and parasites may be transmitted between animals. 

  9. I understand that dogs are animals and even in the most controlled and well-supervised environments, they may engage in inappropriate animal behavior. This includes, but is not limited to; rough playing, nipping, aggression, and dog bites. I further understand that although West Shore Pet Service staff closely monitors the dogs' interactions and play to prevent injury or death, it is possible that my dog may receive minor nicks and scratches from other dogs. I agree that West Shore Pet Service may use “corrections” to interrupt and / or stop my dog’s inappropriate or unwanted behavior. Such corrections include, but are not limited to, the tossing of rings, flags, and compressed air canisters.  

  10. I agree that in the event my dog engages in an act of aggression toward another dog or person while participating in dog training or walking, West Shore Pet Service staff may, in their discretion, use reasonable actions to interrupt and stop the aggression. I further agree that I am solely responsible, financially or otherwise, for any harm or damage to other dogs, persons, and/or property arising out of my dog’s behavior. I also understand that my dog may be excused from any further group class settings without refund of any unused classes. West Shore Pet Service reserves the right to discontinue any and all training for dogs with aggressive behavior. 

  11. Pet owner is responsible for any damages done to the home, furnishings or personal items belonging to West Shore Pet Service by the pet owner’s dog while being boarded or in daycare. It is strongly recommended to allow crating of your dog to prevent any unforeseen injuries or damage during for times when the dogs are unsupervised

  12. West Shore Pet service is not responsible for any damage to property of the client or others. West Shore Pet service accepts no responsibility for loss to the premises if other individuals have access to a client’s home, or if the home is not properly secured. 

  13. I understand that I am responsible for reading any literature provided by West Shore Pet Service, or by the manufacturers of any products recommended for my dog’s training.

  14. At the time that service is booked, Owner will notify the dog walker/trainer of everyone who has been granted access to the home during the service period.  

  15. West Shore Pet service is not liable for any loss or damage in the event of a burglary or other crime that should occur while under this contract.  

  16. Pet Owners must have legal rights to place the animals in the care of Pet Sitters, Kennels, and Veterinary Clinics.  The dog walker/trainer cannot service a home with “Visiting” pets or animals that do not belong to the resident of the service site without separate sets of agreement forms, including a Legal Considerations Agreement, accepted and signed by each rightful owner(s).  

  17. The terms of this document apply to all the pets owned by the client, including any and all new pets that the customer obtains on or after the date this document was signed, at any and all locations the owner designates for service.

  18. Pet Owner is responsible for pet-proofing the house and yard, and the security fences/gates/latches. West Shore Pet service will not be responsible for the safety of any pets and will also not be liable for the death, injury, disappearance, or legal consequences of any pet with unsupervised access to the outdoors.  

  19. I understand that any outdoor classes may be held on uneven terrain that is outside the scope of West Shore Pet Service maintenance or responsibility.. I understand that my risk of a trip and or fall may be higher in these classes. I understand that I am assuming any and all risks involved in participating in outdoor classes.

  20. I understand that West Shore Pet service care providers work hard to prevent accidents, injuries or death and that such problems may occur no matter how well a pet is cared for. 

  21. I understand that attendance and participation in West Shore Pet Service is not without risk to myself, to my dog(s), and/or to third parties, and/or the dog(s) of third parties. The risks include, but are not limited to, the risk of property damage, personal injury from dog bites, scratches, and other injuries, death, infectious disease, and parasites. I agree that my dog’s attendance and participation in West Shore Pet Service is voluntary and was undertaken with my knowledge of the known risks and other risks that may result from my dog’s participation in dog training and or walking

  22. West Shore Pet service is authorized to seek any emergency veterinarian assistance needed during visits, at the cost of the client, from any veterinarian as chosen by the sitter.  However, the company is not responsible for the health/well-being of the animal.

  23. Pet owners are responsible for supplying the necessary, safe equipment/supplies needed for care of their pet(s), including but not limited to a sturdy collar or harness and leash for walks or in case of emergencies, firmly affixed vaccination tags, food, cleaning supplies, medicines.  Pet Owner authorizes any purchases necessary for the satisfactory performance of duties, and will reimburse West Shore Pet service upon invoicing for all purchases made.

  24. Pet Owners will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to a dog walker/trainer, or other persons, by the Pet.  Customer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend West Shore Pet service, in the event of a claim by any person injured by the Pet.  

  25. West Shore Pet service may use their discretion to stop and end service at any time that a pet poses a danger to the safety or health of itself, other pets, other people, or the dog walker/trainer. 

  26. West Shore Pet service agrees to provide agreed upon services in a manner that is trustworthy, caring and dependable.  In consideration of the services as an express condition thereof, the client expressly relinquishes any and all claims against the company and its employees, except those arising from negligence.  

  27. Claims of negligence that involve a hired Independent Contractor, hired by West Shore Pet service, will be the responsibility of the Independent Contractor and the company they represent.  All hired Independent Contractors are required to carry liability insurance with optional coverage or bonding through a reputable company.

  28. Client agrees to discuss any concerns with West Shore Pet service within 24 hours of return after service.

  29. This agreement is valid from the date signed, and replaces any prior Legal Considerations agreements.  Client agrees to any future West Shore Pet service term changes relayed verbally to the client, mailed or emailed in writing to the client, or posted on our website under the heading Terms .

  30. This contract may be terminated by either party by giving thirty days written notice to the other party.

  31. The owner states that he/she has read this agreement in its entirety and fully understands and accepts its terms and conditions. I agree that I have been informed of the risks associated with dog training and have assumed the risk of my dog’s attendance and participation in West Shore Pet Service

  32. It is strongly recommended that all dogs be licensed by the CRD, however if the owner chooses not to     license their dog all fines and penalties shall be the sole responsibility of the dog owner.

  33. Photographs and video, during class time, are only permitted to be taken by West Shore Pet Service staff members. Class members and their guests are not permitted to take or record video during class time. All photographs remain the sole property of West Shore Pet Service and may be publicly displayed. 

  34. Release of Liability: In consideration for my dog’s attendance and participation in West Shore Pet Service I fully release West Shore Pet Service from any and all claims and/or liability arising out of my dog’s attendance at, or participation in, dog training and or walking, including all claims for personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage. I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless West Shore Pet Service from any and all claims and costs, including attorney’s fees, arising out of or relating to my dog’s attendance at, or participation in, West Shore Pet Service, including claims of negligence against West Shore Pet Service, its employees, officers, contractors, agents and/or volunteers.

  35. By signing this form you are also agreeing to receive our newsletter emailed monthly.